MMA Training Gloves

  • Karpal TRX | Safety...

    Precision engineered using the highest-grade leather, reinforced nylon stitching, cutting-edge padding, our moisture dispersing inner lining that feels so good on the skin, and a diagonal strap that securely anchors the glove to your wrist without restricting your dexterity, the KARPAL trX ingeniously incorporates an extra ounce of protection and yet won’t hinder your striking, grappling, or defending. Perfectly suited to those intense and searching pre-fight training sessions that mustn’t hurt your fists. If you’re securing every advantage for your next big test then invest in these.

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  • X-Breed eX | Hybrid...

    From PunchTown’s darker basement areas, this Jekyll and Hyde glove is a hybrid mutant for training the ‘mixed’ part of MMA. With a solid striking surface covering the back of your knuckles and an open palm front, these ugly little beauties allow you to safely switch training from grip and grapple to punch and parry, and back again as often as you like without changing gloves. Made to the same exacting standards as all of our gloves, but with the addition of an elasticated wrist sheath to cover the strap and prevent loosening or snagging, the addition of the Fracture design constantly reminds even the most exuberant wearer of the need for control and precision. If you’ve got the confidence and expertise where it matters then you’ll really enjoy having treated yourself to these.

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  • Tenebrae MMA Training...

    Big, brash and fully protective. If these words mean anything to you, the new Tenebrae MMA training gloves from PunchTown will serve you well. More substantial than our ordinary training gloves, these new additions to the PunchTown range have a solid construction that provides greater protection to the knuckles, hand and wrist areas – ideal for heavy pre-fight training. Implementing a vintage full-grain leather body, these gloves not only look superb, they will continue to look superb even as they age. The new BOA-TITE 2 strap allows even greater adjustment to ensure that your wrists are secure during both striking and grappling. If you are looking for a new training partner for your hands, the new Tenebrae MMA training gloves from PunchTown are waiting.

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