Training Pads

  • Kontega | Abdomen Pad

    With a thick skin of toughened, scuff-resistant leather covering shock-absorbing padding designed to resist continuous high-impact blows, the KONTEGA belly pad comes with thoughtfully placed gel-padded side panels for extra protection and comfort, and is secured around your waist with a high-tensile strap to ensure a non-slip fit. Light in weight, this heavy-duty belly pad will keep the wind in your sails should a broadside catch you off guard. Add up the value of all the time you’ll waste spluttering in the gym due to belly blows and see that the KONTEGA will soon have paid for itself, leaving you more trained and with fewer grudges.

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  • Akuro | Focus Mitts

    Using the best leather and a tough build, these superb mitts are designed for continued use. They come with high impact, shock resistant padding and feature an inner absorption buffer for the wrist, to cater for inaccurate strikes. A target dot gives something to aim at and their lightness and the internal balloon grip help you hang on to them.

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  • Ti Tarakan | Thai Pads

    Durable premium leather is used throughout in a strong and precise construction that will withstand the toughest of training sessions. Precision crafted with high-impact and shock-resistant padding, the Ti TARAKAN strike pads even include a protective gel pad for your forearm, providing comfort and improving endurance when your training verges on the fanatical or your partner has something he needs to work through.

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