The Vector Trax™ is an exciting new device that will allow the user to push, pull, rotate and perform lower-body exercises along a MOVING point of resistance! Imagine executing multi-dimensional movements using resistance bands or the AirFit Pro™, without having to make height adjustments for each separate exercise. The Vector Trax™ accommodates unrestricted movements due to the sliding micro-car that moves freely up and down the track, which keeps the line of resistance straight as you perform your favorite functional exercises. With our unique webbing resistance bands, there are a wide range of handles and bars (including the PurMotion™ Core Bars!) that the client can use for thousands of different exercises. The Vector Trax™ includes a two-row aluminum track and a micro car with high-strength ball bearings for fast vertical travel along the track. If the user prefers a point of resistance that does not move, the micro-car may also be locked in a fixed position at various points of the track with the built-in pin stop mechanism.

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