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BXR eX | Boxing / Sparring

These sleek BXR eX hammer huggers almost look as good as they really are. Cunningly crafted by specialists questing for the perfect fit, the smooth and durable lining ventilates the inner space and cleverly disperses any moisture away from your hands. Maximum support and protection is secured by a wide, diagonal wrist strap that locks the BXR eX in place. All that means your hands won’t get sweaty, and the gloves won’t slip on your fist. We’ve done our bit—the next move is up to you.

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Superior, high quality matte finish cowhide leather specifically developed for a softer feel, yet durable for extreme usage.

Unsurpassed breathable comfort inner lining.

Traditional rolled-foam construction for a solid striking surface and flexible fit.

  • Available in 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz sizes
  • Ergonomic wrist strap design for added support and protection
  • Strong, reinforced nylon stitching for long lasting construction
  • Available in Black or White ICE
  • Product Code - PT-GEN2BXREX

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